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My story "Moksha" is in the latest issue of Fantasy Scroll Magazine. It's my first true mix of science-fiction and fantasy, and I really hope you enjoy it. If you're familiar with my fiction, you'll know that I like to explore the nature of souls, and "Moksha" does this through the lens of reincarnation, incorporating ideas and images from Indian religions and cultures.
his is the table of contents for the December 2014 issue of Defenestration, which will be up on the site in the chilly morning of December 20th. This issues theme is "Monsters, Misfits, and Misunderstandings." We didn't plan it out that way, but the vast majority of these stories and poems fit this theme. It's a crazy issue filled with monsters and misunderstood creatures, and you're going to love it.

This is what you can expect Saturday morning:

Neil Fulwood, Two Poems
Anthony Nannetti, "Finger Trapped"
J. I. Kleinberg, "The lovesick tablecloth"
Bill Spencer, "Insider Art"
John Roth, "Here, eat this fucking sandwich"

Short Stories:
Matthew Grzecki, "Donald"
Jon Hakes, "Due By Noon"
A. A. Garrison, "Prison Break"
Christian McKay Heidicker, "Swiping Right on Wednesday Addams (On Tinder)
K. Marvin Bruce, "Famous Neighbors"
Kim Mary Trotto, "Well Suited"
T. J. Young, "The Bountiful Hangnail"

The Nixie Revels

Greetings, morning crowd! Just popping in to let you know that my story "The Nixie Revels" is now live on Daily Science Fiction. Of course, if you're a subscriber you already know this, because the story is sitting in your inbox right now! Enjoy. :)

News From The Writing Front

More good writing news! (I've had a lot of good writing news this year. It's been awesome.) I just sold my story "The Specialist" to Abyss & Apex! Woohoo!

A Gift of Dead Flesh

Hey there, everyone! Just wanted you all to know that my story "A Gift of Dead Flesh," a tale of love, betrayal, and necromancy, is in the latest issue of Kaleidotrope. It's a perfect story for your chilly October.
This is the table of contents for the August 2014 issue of Defenestration, which will be up on the site in the dark and sinister hours of early August 20th. Eileen and I had an incredibly easy time picking this issue. Our choices were pretty much unanimous, which doesn't happen often. Also, we'll be the first to admit that this issue has some pretty amazing, f---ed up, hilarious content. We were laughing our asses of when we reread these. You're going to love them. :)

This is what you can expect next Wednesday:

Art Heifetz, "R.I.P."
Bradley K. Meyer, Two Poems
Barbara Lee, "Boomers Gone Wild"
Tony Peyser, "When The New York Times Embraces the Lunatic Fringe"
April Salzano, Two Poems

Short Stories:
Miranda Ciccone, "Ninja Assassin Death Robot Apocalypse"
Ao-Hui Lin, "Earnest, the Chicken-Headed Penis Boy"
Mike Price, "The Write's Tough"
Alexei Kalinchuk, "Aesop's 11"
Ian Couch, "How Many Four Year Olds Do You Think You Could Take In a Fight?"
Brenda Anderson, "Hugo's Private Space"
Steve Smith, "Sojourn in a Monkey Suit"
Evan Purcell, "New Guy Smell"

New From The Writing Front

Whew! It's been a good year for me, writing wise. In addition to selling "Whinny If You Love Me: A Love Story" to Unlikely Story and "Items Found in the Pocket of a God Who Abandoned His People" to Daily Science Fiction, both of which have since been published, I've made three more short story sales!

One of these is "The Nixie Revels," which has been sold to Daily Science Fiction. Another is a young adult fantasy called "Roots and Branches," which has been sold to Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things. And the third I'll announce later. :)

Five story sales in one year is awesome. It also means I need to write more...
My "list" story, "Items Found in the Pocket of a God Who Abandoned His People," is now up on Daily Science Fiction. If you're a subscriber, you've also got a copy skulking in your in-box. Enjoy!
This is the table of contents for the April 2014 issue of Defenestration, which will be up on the site bright and early Easter morning on April 20th. We skipped our usual December issue to give ourselves some breathing room, and started reading for the upcoming April issue late last year. I'm happy to say that we had a lot of really great submissions this time around, and we held onto more than our usual number for consideration.

This is what you can expect next Sunday:

Carrie McKay, two poems
Mark Cunningham, [sort] poems
Buff Whitman-Bradley, "The Feng Shui of True Love"
Mark Estabrook, "Nerves"

Short Stories:
Zachary Abram, "Skin Deep"
Mike Fowler, "Retiree Ramble"
Dawn Wilson, "She's a Far-Gone Other Species, Ralph"
Aidan Fitzmaurice, "Feeding Ducks"
Seán Carabini, "Poetry Monster
Erica Inglett, "Stickers"
Logan Merriweather, "The Worst Boy in the World"

Whinny If You Love Me: A Love Story

You guys don't know how lucky you are! Unlikely Stories has just released their April Fool's Day special issue, Journal of Unlikely Story Acceptances. This deliberately terrible issue of deliberately terrible fiction includes my story "Whinny If You Love Me: A Love Story". I'd also like to show off the story's accompanying artwork (which is also the cover image for the issue), because it is seriously, delightfully awesome in the most terrible way ever.

This story is dedicated to my wife, who offered up the idea of a vampire pegasus in high school while she was sleep deprived on a long drive home.



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